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7.2.4 Atmos Elipson Home Cinema Speaker Package - Prestige Facet Dolby Atmos
7.2.4 Atmos Elipson Home Cinema Speaker Package - Prestige Facet Dolby Atmos
7.2.4 Atmos Elipson Home Cinema Speaker Package - Prestige Facet Dolby Atmos
7.2.4 Atmos Elipson Home Cinema Speaker Package - Prestige Facet Dolby Atmos

7.2.4 Atmos Elipson Home Cinema Speaker Package - Prestige Facet Dolby Atmos

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7.2.4 Atmos Elipson Home Cinema Speaker Package - Prestige Facet Dolby Atmos

This beautifully made and cleverly designed speaker package is not only great value but fully immerses you in a way that few other systems can. Elipson's Prestige Facet range offers plenty for system builders, and a sound that's rich in fidelity and neutrality. The clean and thoroughly modern appearance is a major plus point, while the build quality and finish is exceptional. Most importantly, this  package is about as immersive as you can get, with a dynamic and forceful performance that's sure to please. The fact you can get all of this for just three-and-a-half grand makes it a bit of a bargain.5/5 Best Buy Home Cinema Choice

The Elipson Prestige Facet 7.2.4-channel system is a superb package, that delivers a winning combination of build quality, performance and still get the neutrality and fidelity, but also a more focused performance that really lends itself to today's multi-channel soundtracks. There's a dynamism to these speakers that really immerses you, while the subs deliver plenty of low-end impact. The result is a forceful performance that is sure to please. 9/10 AV Forums Best Buy

AVTech Awards 2018/2019 - Best Dolby Atmos Speaker System   Gorgeous looks, enthralling sonics and impressive value come together in Elipson’s Dolby Atmos array. Comprising twin subwoofers, dipole surrounds, a full-size LCR stage and four upfiring units, this 7.2.4 system is about as immersive as you can get. The presentation is dramatic and forceful, but delicate when necessary. Bruising bass swells are married to clean mids and crisp highs, and effects positioned with pin-point accuracy. The clean, modern appearance of the Prestige Facet range is another major plus point .


Elipson Prestige Facet speaker package consists of the ranges

F14  Floostanding  ( Pair ) Please see our Facet 14F

F14C  centre speaker Please see our Facet 14C

F6 Atmos ( 2 Pairs ) Please see our Facet 6ATM

7SR surround  ( 2 Pairs ) Please see our Facet 7SR

F Sub 10 (  1 Pair ) Please see our Facet SUB10

Elipson’s 7.2.4 speaker configuration demonstrates an excellent tonal balance of the system delivering immersive overhead effects with real precision and creating a believable sense of location. The curved cabinet edges and meticulous lacquered finish emanate class. The sculpted facet silicone rings surrounding each driver reduce baffle-borne diffractions for a smoother listening experience. This distinction lends the range its name; Prestige Facet.

Engineered for Dolby Atmos sound - Optimised for Dolby Atmos, you can now experience the wonder of Dolby Atmos in your own home. Producing a multi-dimensional and totally immersive sound, Dolby Atmos has been hailed as the greatest advance in surround sound for 20 years - so don't miss out!

Facet 14F

14F 2.5-way floorstanding speakers are equipped with a 1” soft dome tweeter, 6.5” woofer and 6.5” mid/bass driver fitted with a bullet-shaped phase plug to limit vibrations. All drivers are surrounded by the multifaceted silicone rings. 14F claims an impressive low-frequency response of 38Hz.
Dual silver-plated speaker terminals feature on the rear which offers the possibility of bi-wiring and bi-amping. The speaker is extremely solid, weighing a hefty 20.5kg, and sits on a removable plinth with the option of rubber feet or spikes.

Facet 14C
The 14C centre channel model mimics the 14F, with multifaceted rings and is fitted with a pair of 17cm drivers featuring bullet-shaped phase plugs. A 25mm soft dome tweeter reproduces highs with finesse and precision. The multifaceted, sculpted silicone surround rings encircling each driver reduce the baffle effect and limit diffractions. The result is an extremely precise reproduction of dialogues.

Facet 7SR
The four 7SR surround speakers are designed to reproduce surround effects as part of a home cinema installation. Equipped with drivers oriented toward different points in the room, this speaker is necessary to reproduce all the atmospheric surround sound effects of films, TV series and concerts. The 7SR is designed to be wall mounted.

Facet 6 ATM
The included quartet of 6 ATM upward-firing speakers was developed in conjunction with Dolby for use with Atmos and specifically designed to be placed atop a floor standing speaker. It reproduces surround effects present in the Dolby Atmos audio tracks offered by new Blu-ray movies and adds a vertical dimension to the sound of a traditional system for more realism and greater immersion.

Facet SUB10
Elipson’s SUB10 subwoofer is equipped with a 26cm driver installed in a down-facing bass reflex port configuration. It produces a considerable amount of sound pressure and offers a physical listening experience.

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