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Accuphase DC 1000 Dac
Accuphase DC 1000 Dac

Accuphase DC 1000 Dac

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  • The DC-1000 is a 50th Anniversary digital processor developed to deliver the ultimate in performance and sound quality. It is equipped with the ES9038 PRO (ESS Technologies) processor: an 8MDSD (DSD signal) / 8MDS++ (PCM signal) type D/A converter that drives 8 channels in parallel to deliver almost 3 times more performance than single channel converters. Low-noise technologies refined during development of the amplifiers, like amplification of ANCC and internal signals and parallel arrangement of power circuits, allow the DC-1000 to deliver unprecedented levels of emotion.

    • MDSD / MDS++ D/A converter driving 8 parallel channels using ANCC
    • Dual Direct Balanced Filter with completely separate line and balanced signals
    • Separate toroidal transformers for analog and digital circuits
    • Separate low noise power supply circuits for analog and digital circuits
    • Display with sampling frequency and number of quantization bits
    • Output level adjustments that can control different outputs from other players
    • Digital interface for Accuphase Voicing Equalizer
    • Abundant digital inputs like USBs, etc. to connect with computers (HS-LINK, USB, OPTICAL × 2, COAXIAL × 3, BALANCED)
    • Digital outputs that can be used in digital recording (OPTICAL, COAXIAL)
    • 2 (BALANCED, LINE) analog outputs
    • Phase selector that can invert the balanced output
    • Active filter amplifiers use glass cloth fluorocarbon resin substrate with low dielectric constant and minimum loss
    • Natural grain wood case with a mirror finish crafted by artisans using carefully selected virgin wood
    • 8 mm thick machined aluminum bottom plate
    • Advanced high-carbon cast iron insulators
    • High quality audio cable ASL-10B

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