DF-65 Equalizer
DF-65 Equalizer

DF-65 Equalizer

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  • The DF-65 harnesses the best of digital technology in every way, including a high-speed 40-bit floating point DSP. The standard unit configuration supports signal processing for up to four-way systems. Highly accurate digital filters offer a choice of 59 cutoff frequency points and up to 96 dB/octave attenuation. Integrated time alignment function adjustable in 0.5-cm steps, and delay compensator for automatically offsetting any filter circuit delays. Monophonic output mode provides high versatility for various configurations.

    • High-speed DSP realizes fully digital signal processing in channel divider units
    • Standard configuration allows 4-channel (4-way) system setup
    • 59 selectable cutoff frequency points
    • Highly accurate 96 dB/oct attenuation slope
    • Time alignment function allows delay time setting in 0.5-cm steps
    • Delay compensator offsets signal delays in filter circuitry
    • Further refined MDS++ D/A converter
    • Selectable monophonic output mode for further enhanced specifications

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