DG-68 Equalizer
DG-68 Equalizer

DG-68 Equalizer

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  • The IPS LCD panel allows for a stylus pen to be used to directly draw any desired response curve. Intuitive operation and a full complement of sophisticated display functions make sound field compensation swift and easy while giving the user full control. Setting data as well as display screenshots can be saved on a USB flash drive for quick recall at any time. The DG-68 brings out unknown possibilities in music reproduction by controlling the sound field and tone exactly in accordance with the user's preferences.

    • Fully digital signal processing Voicing Equalizer
    • Separate sound field compensation and equalizer functions
    • Smooth Voicing feature prevents excessive correction based on the low frequency reproduction capability of the speakers
    • High-speed 40-bit floating point DSP
    • High-accuracy A / D and D / A conversion circuitry
    • Intuitive and highly readable menu screens make operation easy
    • Freely programmable 30 pattern memory
    • Analog and digital inputs and outputs provided as standard

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