DP-1000 Transport
DP-1000 Transport

DP-1000 Transport

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  • Fifty years of know how has produced the ideal transport. This high-rigidity, high-precision drive is equipped with a silent and elegant disc loading mechanism. The outer rotor brushless DC motor smoothly rotates the disc, while the newly developed dampers protect the pickup from vibrations. Incorporating a number of technological improvements like a low center of gravity and fortified frame alongside features like programmable playlists, the DP-1000 is the ideal transport to quietly and accurately read data.

    • High-rigidity, high-precision aluminum machined SA-CD/CD drive
    • Low-noise power supply circuits and separate toroidal transformers for mechanical system and signal processing
    • Programmable playlists so that you can enjoy your music in the order you want
    • Accuphase voicing equalizer and digital connections
    • Digital outputs (HS-LINK / COAXIAL)
    • Low placement of the SA-CD/CD player for a low center of gravity
    • “Power-on play” that automatically starts playback with a timer (sold separately)
    • HS-LINK Ver. 1 / Ver. 2 switching
    • Data disc playback (including DSD discs)
    • Natural grain wood case with a mirror finish crafted by artisans using carefully selected virgin wood
    • 12 mm thick machined aluminum bottom plate
    • Advanced high-carbon cast iron insulators
    • Supplied with HS-LINK cable AHDL-15

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