E-280 Integrated Amplifier
E-280 Integrated Amplifier

E-280 Integrated Amplifier

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  • Equipped with Accuphase's original "AAVA volume control" that achieves a high signal-to-noise ratio and low distortion ratio
  • Rated output 90W / 8Ω, 120W / 4Ω
  • "Bipolar transistor" 2 parallel push-pull power amplification stage
  • Powerful power supply unit with large high-efficiency power transformer and large-capacity filter / capacitor
  • Power amplifier section of instrumentation amplifier configuration
  • A current feedback amplifier circuit is used in the power amplifier section.
  • Logic relay control signal switching method
  • "MOSFET switch" adopted for protection circuit
  • "Damping factor" improved by 25% compared to E-270, achieving 500
  • Equipped with an option slot into which two option boards can be inserted

Rated continuous average output (20 to 20,000 Hz) Simultaneous operation of both channels 4 ohm load 120W 8 ohm load 90W. Total harmonic strain rate (20 to 20,000Hz) Simultaneous operation of both channels 4 to 16 ohm load 0.05% IM Strain Rate 0.01%

Frequency Response BALANCED INPUT Rated Continuous Average Output 20-20,000Hz (0-u20120.5dB) LINE INPUT Rated Continuous Average Output 20-20 20,000Hz (0-u20120.5dB) MAIN IN Rated Continuous Average Output 20-20,000Hz (0-u20120.2dB) 1W Output 3-15 0,000Hz(0/u20123.0dB)

Damping Factor 500 (8 ohm load 50Hz) Input sensitivity/Input impedance Input terminal Input sensitivity Input Output EIA(1W output) Impedance BALANCED INPUT 134mV 14.2mV 40k Ohm LINE INPUT 134mV 14.2mV 20k Ohm MAIN IN 1.07V 113mV 20k Ohm Output Voltage PRE OUT PUT Rated Continuous Average Output 1.07V

Compatible impedance 8 ohms or more Power AC100V 50/60Hz

Power consumption no input 52W Electrical appliance safety method 249W 8 ohm load rated output 345W

Maximum external dimensions Width 465mm × Height 151mm × Depth 420mm Mass 20.4kg

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