P-4500 Amplifier
P-4500 Amplifier

P-4500 Amplifier

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  • The P 4500 features an instrumentation amplifier configuration realized with discrete semiconductors in the signal path, triple Darlington 4-parallel complementary push-pull architecture and many other technology advantages. The result is an impressive S/N ratio of 121 dB, rated output of 500 watts into 1 ohm (music signals), and a damping factor of 700. A newly developed output protection circuit can also detect any short-circuiting of the speaker terminals, for complete peace of mind. This power amplifier is the ultimate tool for immersive music enjoyment on the highest level.

    • Power amplification stage with 4-parallel complementary push-pull configuration
    • Linear output characteristics (90 W / 8 ohms, 180 W / 4 ohms, 360 W / 2 ohms)
    • 500 W output into ultra-low impedance load of 1 ohm (music signals)
    • Instrumentation amplifier principle
    • Current feedback topology
    • Balanced Remote Sensing
    • High damping factor of 700
    • Speaker output protection with short-circuit detection
    • Highly responsive large peak power meters
    • Support for bi-amping and bridged mode

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