T-1200 Tuner
T-1200 Tuner

T-1200 Tuner

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  • This tuner uses a blend of the latest RF circuit design with sophisticated digital signal processing. Most major functions after the intermediate frequency stage such as the variable bandwidth IF filter, multipath reduction, digital FM demodulator and DS-DC stereo demodulation have been moved to software on the DSP chip. Manual tuning using the pulse tuning method, plus 20-station memory tuning. A digital output provides further flexibility. Realizing impeccable sound quality and outstanding performance in an easy to use format, this FM tuner has been developed for demanding audio and music connoisseurs.

    • Double-tuned front end easily handles high signal levels
    • Revolutionary DDS principle for local oscillator
    • Variable bandwidth IF filter prevents interference
    • Multipath reduction function
    • Digital FM demodulator keeps distortion and noise to a minimum
    • DS-DC achieves ideal stereo demodulation with DSP technology
    • MDS type D/A converter
    • Memory buttons give quick access to 20 stations

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