ifi Audio iDefender3.0+
ifi Audio iDefender3.0+
ifi Audio iDefender3.0+
ifi Audio iDefender3.0+
ifi Audio iDefender3.0+
ifi audio

ifi Audio iDefender3.0+

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Tired of doing battle with buzz, hum and hiss?

Our iDefender3.0 is for those struggling with noisy audio due to unwanted ground loops in their audio chain.

Bah humbuzz!

Annoyed by hum and buzz invading your listening?

Using multiple plugs means separate earth points. These multiple earth or ground points cause earth/ground loops and create an unwanted chain of noise, buzz and distortion.

Break the earth loop

The iDefender3.0 plugs into your computer USB port and auto-detects if there is more than one earth and will ‘intelligently’ disconnect the computer earth for cleaner sound.

Using a USB DAC?

If your DAC is USB powered, the iDefender3.0 requires an external 5 volts to break the earth.

It works pretty well with our 5-volt iPower (just saying!). Injecting clean power will ensure you get the maximum out of your USB audio.

Kills USB power noise by ‘breaking’ the earth/ground loops in the correct way.

It significantly reduces the system noise floor and makes for better dynamic contrast, warmth and resolution.

So, why USB3.0? USB3.0 allows for a greater amount of audio transfer due to the better wiring specification. It is still backwards compatible with USB2.0.

Inject 5 volts of clean power clean via the ‘separate’ micro port. This disconnects the USB power from the PC and replaces it with clean external power. For ultra-low noise, use our 5-volt iPower X.

Adding the separate 5 volts to the unit is necessary to ‘break’ the earth/ground on USB-powered DACs. This is not required for DACs with an internally-powered USB section.

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