KEF Kube-1 (Pre-owned)
KEF Kube-1 (Pre-owned)
KEF Kube-1 (Pre-owned)
KEF Kube-1 (Pre-owned)
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KEF Kube-1 (Pre-owned)

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The KEF Kube-1 is an active subwoofer that provides powerful low-frequency sound. With a RMS power of 200 W, it is capable of delivering deep bass notes with clarity. The sensitivity of the subwoofer is measured at 111 dB, ensuring that even subtle nuances in the audio are accurately reproduced. Equipped with a 200 mm (8 inch) driver, the KEF Kube-1 is designed to handle low frequencies with precision. Its bass reflex design further enhances the quality of the sound by allowing for improved airflow. At a width, depth, and height of 295 mm each, the subwoofer is compact and can easily fit into different spaces. It weighs 9600 g, making it lightweight and portable. Constructed with premium materials, the KEF Kube-1 ensures long-lasting reliability and durability. Its solid build guarantees that it can withstand regular use without compromising on performance. Whether as part of a home theater system or for music enthusiasts, the KEF Kube-1 offers a powerful low-end sound experience.


Subwoofer type Active subwoofer
Subwoofer RMS power 200 W
Subwoofer frequency range 38 - 150 Hz
Subwoofer sensitivity 111 dB
Subwoofer driver diameter 200 mm
Subwoofer driver diameter (imperial) 8 "

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