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It’s no secret that LP lovers have taken a hit since CDs became the sound reproduction medium of choice for the masses. Most manufacturers now design their preamps and receivers without the extra preamplifier gain stage and the RIAA equalization that phono cartridges require. People who still enjoy listening to their record collections have had to settle for using the often outdated phono preamp stage in their bulky older equipment.

The compact and affordable Zphono is perfect for music lovers who want to hook up their analog turntables to today’s line stage preamps, amps, and receivers. Parasound’s low price and high performance make this unit a favorite with audiophiles.

Features & Specifications

  • Works with all line drive preamplifiers
  • RIAA curve accurate to 0.25 dB
  • Ultra-low distortion
  • Switchable gain for moving magnet or moving coil cartridges
  • Exclusive AC polarity switch to eliminate hum
  • Ultra high-speed, low-noise opamps
  • Audiophile grade resistors and capacitors
  • Gold-plated RCA input and output jacks
  • Unique half-rack width chassis; 1 rack space high

Gain at 1 kHz :
MM, 46dB; MC, 61 dB

Input Sensitivity at 1 kHz :
MM, 5 mV in for 1.1 V output
MC, .9 mV in for 1.1 V output

Input Impedance :
MM, 47 k Ω
MC, 100 Ω

Input overload: 
MM, 200 mV; MC, 36 mV

Input Capacitance
150 pF

RIAA accuracy: 
0.25 dB, 20 Hz – 20 kHz

S/N ratio: 
MM, 84 dB
MC, 58 dB

Power requirement:
115 V – 230 V, 60/50 Hz, 5 W

8-1/2 w x 1-3/4 h x 10 d, 2 h with feet

Net weight: 4 lbs.

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