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Q Acoustics Pack 5.0 3050i White
Q Acoustics Pack 5.0 3050i White
Q Acoustics

Q Acoustics Pack 5.0 3050i White

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The goal of an exceptional Hi-Fi system is simply to provide a musical experience that is as close to reality as possible. The 3000i series meets these criteria perfectly. Every detail of the loudspeaker, from the cabinetwork to the technology, has been studied and worked to offer you incredible quality, both in terms of sound reproduction and finishes.

The Q Acoustics P2P TM (point-to-point) system of the 3000i series takes care of the parts of the enclosure that need to be reinforced, making the new enclosures extremely rigid, improving the focus of the stereo image and giving more precision to the soundstage.

To reduce cabinet resonance, we have developed HPE TM (Helmholtz Pressure Equalizer) technology. Technology designed to convert pressure into velocity and reduce overall pressure in the enclosure. This technology is perfect for top speakers that tend to resonate at a single frequency.

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