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The basic SUB for excellent performance.

Product Description

Audio Pro SW5 subwoofer is a budget but powerful and compact model, designed to fit into any room setup. Subwoofers are great for movies, but also good companions for stand mount speakers to deliver the bass notes lower than the speakers can handle.

Long Throw Woofer

The 8” long throw woofer should ensure movies will have extra depth and action scenes will rattle the room, without overwhelming the listener. The long throw 8” woofer is driven by a built in class D 150w DSP controlled amplifier for Earth shaking bass. The low frequency range drops to a gut punching 35Hz. 

Compact Cabinet

The compact cabinet is only 29cm high and available in black or white. Consequently, the SW5 subwoofer will fit any décor. The speaker is engineered in Sweden by Audio Pro. Founded in 1978, Audio Pro specialise in compact powered speakers that will work with any system. Small cabinets are less intrusive and easier to place. Subwoofer cabinets need careful design to avoid resonances and boominess. Audio Pro have long specialized in subwoofer enclosure design.

Why a subwoofer?

A subwoofer will extend the low frequency response of any audio system especially those dedicated to cinema sound. As bass frequencies are non directional, you only need one subwoofer. Even if you are not into heavy rock a subwoofer will widen the soundstage and take some of heavy lifting from your main speakers. The sound will be more vibrant and all-encompassing. Most standard speakers drop off at about 50Hz this deprives the listener of notes that go down to the limits of human hearing at 20Hz. There are instruments such as pipe organs that go down that low.

Subwoofer Placement

A Subwoofer can be placed in the corner of a room to enhance the output. However, it is best to test the sound from your listening position and then move the unit around until you get the sound you like. If you have other family members in different locations remember to check from that location as well. Subwoofers are usually placed on the floor where low frequencies can propagate across the room. This usually sounds more natural.

Class D, DSP amplifier

Class D amplifiers are very efficient and use a pulse width modulation system to generate the analogue audio. DSP stands for Digital Sound Processing and is the core of most modern audio systems. In the case of this subwoofer it controls the essentially digital Class D amplifier. Class D amplifiers are known as switching amplifiers as the output transistors only have two states on or off. This is unlike traditional linear amplifiers where the transistors are passing varying amounts of current depending on the level of the signal. The high frequency switching makes class D amplifiers up to 90% efficient. Big heat-sinks are not required, reducing the size and weight of class D designs.

Tech Specs

- Product type: Subwoofer
- Product available in colour(s): Black, White

- Product width: 275 mm
- Product depth: 275 mm
- Product height: 290 mm

- Amplifier: Digital Class D – 150 W DSP controlled
- Woofer: 8″ long throw

- RCA in: Yes

- Frequency range: 35-130 Hz
- Frequency crossover: 50-130 Hz

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