Triangle GENÈSE VOCE (Clearance/Final Sale)
Triangle GENÈSE VOCE (Clearance/Final Sale)
Triangle GENÈSE VOCE (Clearance/Final Sale)
Triangle GENÈSE VOCE (Clearance/Final Sale)
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Triangle GENÈSE VOCE (Clearance/Final Sale)

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Center speaker for the Genese line of speakers - Voce has bass drivers which are very similar to the 6.5" Trio and the semi pod-mounted tweeter. It supplements the Genese range with an even tonal balance.

Triangle Started using the pod-mounted tweeter when the company designed the CX2 speaker back in 1981. Triangle updated this technology for Genese, whose tweeter is pod-mounted to half of its height. This position allows a balance between the reflection of sounds through the front of the enclosure and the diffraction caused by the changes to the cabinet's shape. This gives a more transparent, more open, smoother listening experience. The components of the sound are more detailed, more accurate and make up an amazing three-dimensional unit.

The Genese midrange drives have the capacity of reproducing the frequencies most audible to the human ear. It thus enables the extremely sensitive ear to perceive any deviation from the original signal. Based on its experience, Triangle recommends using a cellulose pulp membrane because it is so light and introduces very little coloration. This membrane, combined with a finely-pleated peripheral suspension, enables voices to be reproduced with amazing precision.

Little magnets which are the same diameter as the driver screws are placed behind the grille. They have been designed to fit very precisely and effortlessly onto the screws in the drivers. This is a very handy way of ensuring that each speaker grille's hooking system is invisible.

Triangle Genese Voce Features

  • Titanium Dome Horn Tweeter
  • Paper Cone Midrange Driver

Triangle Genese Voce Specifications

Bass reflex
91 dB/m
50 HZ - 20 KHz (+/-3db)
Power handling
Minimum impedance
5 Ohms
Cabinet: 10.23 x 22.9 x 15" (260 x 582 x 381mm)
33 lbs (15kg)

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