Triangle S04 40th Anniversary Speaker Stands
Triangle S04 40th Anniversary Speaker Stands

Triangle S04 40th Anniversary Speaker Stands

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The S04 40th Anniversary speaker stand will be perfect for the Comète speakers. The speaker can be screwed to the stand for more rigidity, decoupling will then be done at the base. The foot can also be filled to better absorb vibrations. It includes cable routing at the rear for harmonious and discreet integration.

These stands come with accessory kits offering two sets of decoupling spikes: the first one in rose gold aluminum is adjustable in height and provided with lock nuts for surfaces like carpets, and the second one is in rubber for more rigid surfaces. These accessories enable decoupling by significantly reducing the transmission of unwanted vibrations to the floor, thus improving the listening experience.

The 40th Anniversary Edition has been designed and developed with thoroughness to offer an exceptional music experience.

Technical specifications

  • Type: Speaker stand
  • Height without spikes: 704 mm
  • Dimensions: 260x320 mm
  • Cable management: Yes
  • Spikes: Yes, base pads included
  • Ballasted stand: Yes, sand bag included
  • Net weight: 8,6 kg (pair)

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