Cardas 101 Bulk Speaker Cables  (Priced Per Foot)
Cardas 101 Bulk Speaker Cables  (Priced Per Foot)
Cardas Audio

Cardas 101 Bulk Speaker Cables (Priced Per Foot)

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 101 Speaker features two 14 AWG bare copper Cardas conductors, each built around a small air-tube, providing performance beyond its gauge. Since it uses bare-copper, 101 is easy to work with - no solder pot is needed. 101 can be used with crimped or soldered connectors, or just strip-and-twist to use with 5-way binding posts. We can prepare a pair of 101 for you, or sell 101 bulk right off the spool, to be prepared by the end-user at home.

Thanks to its Golden Ratio scaled, Cardas Crossfield conductors and dielectrics that include air-tubes, PFA, and 100% natural cotton, 101 Speaker is smooth and non-fatiguing - perfect for entry to mid-level systems that often have a bit of a harsh edge, especially with digital source material.

101 Speaker’s price makes multiple runs possible, which makes it great for use with multi-channel AV systems.


  • Twisted-par two-conductor cable with a natural cotton filler
  • Bound together with PFA tape
  • Cardas OFHC bare copper conductors
  • Air-tube core
  • Gauge sizes are scaled to Golden Ratio proportions
  • Insulated in a poly jacket
  • Super flexible TPR outer jacket
  • 2 x 14-gauge cable
  • Outside diameter of 0.365"/9.27mm


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