Classic 8
Classic 8
Classic 8
Classic 8
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Classic 8

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Excellent entry into the audiophile world

When you just need that extra bit of punch, our Classic 8 is up to the job!

Based on our successful Classic 5 with which it shares the same slim silhouette, the Classic 8 ups the ante rather significantly in terms of presence and power delivery. This remarkable feat has been achieved by adding a dedicated woofer with an extra-strong motor system to provide bass-support duties for the midwoofer. This 2½-way design offers plenty enough power to easily fill even large rooms of 20 sqm (215 sqft) and more with breathtakingly good sound.

Both woofer and midwoofer of the Classic 8 feature cones made from woven glass fibre, combining low weight with high internal damping. Sound-disrupting partial oscillations of the cone are thereby effectively prevented. The fixed phase plug of the midwoofer reduces compression effects in the crucial mid-range and plays an important part in cooling the substantial magnetic motor during operation.

Like the Classic 5, the Classic 8 also has a silk dome tweeter that resides in a small horn-shaped indentation to subtly adjust the sound radiation behaviour around the crossover frequency between mid and high frequencies. This way, the spatial image remains wide, balanced and precise, even if the listener is seated somewhat outside the so-called sweet spot.

The Classic 8’s front baffle is as slim as the Classic 5’s, minimising unwanted reflection and diffraction issues around the drivers. And even in height, the new Classic 8 only outgrows the Classic 5 by a mere 55 mm and remains very compact for such a capable floorstanding speaker. The well-dimensioned black plinth is there to provide stability and secure footing on any surface, but it also looks modern and elegant with all available colour and veneer options.

Thanks to the integrated M8 bushings in the plinth, the Classic 8 can not only be equipped with standard spikes but also with our optional high-quality Vibration Control Feet Audio Physic VCF II M8. These feet decouple the speaker from the floor, lifting sound performance to entirely new levels, and also help to protect delicate floors.

Our new Classic 8 is one of the most compact floorstanding speakers in the market but punches well above its weight when it comes to sound quality, musicality and control. But don’t believe us, a specialist Audio Physic retailer near you will be happy to set up a demonstration for you. But don’t say we didn’t tell you so!

 Technical Specs

1055 mm / 41.5"
170 mm / 6.7"
290 mm / 11.4"
Required Space Width x Depth
210 x 350 mm / 8.3 x 13.8"
~ 17 kg
Recommended amplifier power
25-150 W
4 Ohm
Frequency range
34 Hz - 30 kHz
89 dB
8/9" Soft Dome
6.7" Glass Fibre Cone
6.7" Glass Fibre Cone
Fabric Grill Black, Spike Set

2½-Way Design

The 2 ½-way speaker operates similar to a 2-way speaker, but is supplemented by an additional woofer, which covers the frequency range up to 500Hz in parallel to the mid-woofer.

VCF – Vibration Control Feet optional

The best feet for our – and other – speakers. VCF provide a substantial improvement of sound performance by reducing transfer of unwanted vibrations while at the same time protecting delicate surfaces. Also available as VCF Component for Hi-Fi separates and as VCF Cable Supports.

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