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Opera Grand Callas floor standing speakers: a symphony of Italian craftsmanship and audiophile excellence. These floor-standers are not just speakers; they are a testament to the art of sound reproduction, designed to satisfy the most discerning of music enthusiasts. If you're seeking an auditory experience that transcends the ordinary, the Grand Callas is your ticket to audio nirvana.

Italian Craftsmanship

Crafted in Italy, these floorstanding speakers are a true work of art. Every detail, from the choice of materials to the precision of assembly, reflects the Italian dedication to perfection. With all original boxes available, you can be assured that your Grand Callas speakers arrive in pristine condition, ready to elevate your audio journey.

Unparalleled Sound Quality

At the heart of the Grand Callas lies a bass reflex design that incorporates two 8" long-throw woofers, a 7" annealed polypropylene midrange, and a 1" Scanspeak 9700 tweeter. This meticulous configuration ensures a rich, immersive soundstage with deep, articulate bass, vibrant midrange tones, and crystalline high frequencies. Prepare to rediscover your favorite music with astonishing clarity and realism.

Innovative Rear Radiation System

The Grand Callas takes sound precision to the next level with its rear radiation system. Utilizing two tweeters configured as a natural dipole, this system enhances the perception of sound details and spaciousness. The balance between direct sound and rear radiation preserves transient response, making every note come alive.

Flexible Room Placement

The Grand Callas is designed to adapt to various listening environments. Its front panel is carefully shaped to accommodate near-field listening, making it ideal for smaller rooms. Plus, a simple switch allows you to modify the response of the low frequencies, giving you the power to optimize sound based on your room's acoustics.

Customizable Sound

Tailoring your audio experience has never been easier. The Grand Callas offers four possible configurations by allowing you to block the reflex ducts. This feature is particularly useful when you need to position the speakers close to room corners. Instead of struggling to find the perfect placement beforehand, you can fine-tune the frequency response by adjusting the ducts and using the switch. This level of customization ensures that your Grand Callas speakers perform optimally in any room.


The Opera Grand Callas Loudspeaker is not merely a speaker; it's an auditory masterpiece designed to deliver an unparalleled listening experience. With its Italian craftsmanship, innovative rear radiation system, and customizable sound options, it redefines the boundaries of what's possible in audio reproduction. Elevate your music and movie nights to new heights with the Grand Callas, and experience sound as it was meant to be heard. Beauty, precision, and flexibility—this is the Grand Callas promise.


System:  3 way, rear ported floor standing with rear-firing dipole radiation system


  • 2 x 8” magnesium long-throw cone woofers 
  • 1 x 7” polypropylene cone midrange with re-cooked cone and phase plug
  • 1 x 1” Scanspeak 9700 ferro-fluid tweeter (front firing)
  • 2 x 1” Scanspeak 9700 ferro-fluid tweeter (rear firing)

Frequency Response:   32 Hz – 25k Hz

  • Crossover Frequency: 
  • 200 Hz and 2000 Hz, woofer – 12 dB/ octave
  • midrange – 12 dB/ octave
  • front tweeters – 18 db/ octave
  • rear tweeters – 12 dB/ octave

Power Handling:  10 – 240 watts RMS

Sensitivity:  89 dB/1watt/1 meter
Nominal Impedance: 4 ohm (Z min > 3.2 Ohms)
Dimension (HxDxW) :  130 cm x 55 cm x 31 cm
Weight Each:  75 Kg
 Available in lacquered Walnut or Special Order in lacquered Mahogany veneer.

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