Thesis Lambda Pre-Amplifier
Thesis Lambda Pre-Amplifier
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Thesis Lambda Pre-Amplifier

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The Thesis Λ (lambda) is a preamplifier for the analogue-blooded fans. You can choose between five of your analogue sources and adjust the volume with an RC handset, but that is all you can get from the digital world by this clean-cut preamp. On the analogue side, however, it is the most refined preamplifier ever built by Heed.

The amplifier circuit of the Thesis Λ is the pure version of the Thesis α's analogue section. With the lack of digital circuitry, there is no reason to compromise anything. Aiming for the best possible sound quality, the Thesis Λ offers an unexceptional PCB design, unique to our Thesis line preamplifiers.

In a standalone mode, it is a very robust and capable device with its sturdy internal power supply. There is, however, an option to upgrade this remarkable performance to an even more astonishing level. The Thesis π external power supply adds more clarity, more accuracy and a great bunch of smoothness to the presentation.


It is far from us to lose you in technical terms. It is not our aim to teach you our profession or to provide you with numbers that are merely different from other devices. Electronic specifications and "correctness" are just one aspect and not enough to create perfect music reproduction alone.

Even so we ought to enlighten you about some of the specialties that make Heed products distinctive and stand out from the crowd. Naturally it is impossible to make a musical impression by words alone. Should you have the chance to listen to our creations then you can become acquainted with the relationships between the technical and sonic features of our products by studying the following chapters.


  • 5 analogue inputs
  • upgradeable analogue power supply (see Thesis Pi)
  • fully remote controllable




Inputs: 5x analogue
Outputs: 1x preamplifier output / 1x tape out
Power supply options: internal / Thesis Pi
Max. consumption: 60 W
Dimensions (WxHxD): 22 x 8.5 x 36 cm

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