THESIS PHI Dual stage twin Power Supply
THESIS PHI Dual stage twin Power Supply
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THESIS PHI Dual stage twin Power Supply

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The Thesis π (pi) twin power supply can feed the α or Λ preamplifiers and the ϕ phono stage simultaneously. It has two independent sections, each with dual regulated power supply rails. In order to ensure an absolutely clean and stable power delivery, the Thesis π uses high-grade components custom made to our specifications, all massively overspecified for smooth and effortless performance even when pushed to its limits.

It is not only the extension of the spectrum, but the smoother, cleaner and more articulated performance makes the π power supply a great upgrade for the thesis preamplifiers. Though the α and Λ are both very well equipped to make a great impression in standalone mode, the addition of the π makes the icing on the cake in a thesis system.

It is far from us to lose you in technical terms. It is not our aim to teach you our profession or to provide you with numbers that are merely different from other devices. Electronic specifications and "correctness" are just one aspect and not enough to create perfect music reproduction alone.

Even so we ought to enlighten you about some of the specialties that make Heed products distinctive and stand out from the crowd. Naturally it is impossible to make a musical impression by words alone. Should you have the chance to listen to our creations then you can become acquainted with the relationships between the technical and sonic features of our products by studying the following chapters.


  • Double independent power supply output
  • Two-stage stabilized supply rails for extreme low noise
  • Custom made components to meet our strict specifications
  • Multiple oversizing for stability and reliability



  • Type: 2-stage regulated power supply
  • Supported devices: Thesis Alpha / Thesis Phi / Quasar
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 22 x 8.5 x 32.5 cm


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