Ananda Headphone
Ananda Headphone

Ananda Headphone

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Hifiman Ananda is a full size, over ear planar magnetic headphone, designed to be efficient and easy to drive, to get the best sound quality possible from a wide variety of sources.  Ananda are  are an excellent example of planar magnetic technology done right - comfort is very good, the sound has excellent clarity, no harshness, is very open and the bass response goes DEEP but stays very tight. 

These sound very impressive with the DAP's and all the dacs we've tried them with. The new headband is all metal and feels extremely sturdy. The connectors have been bumped up to 3.5mm on each ear cup, so the cables from Meze and Focal headphones can be swapped.  Ananda feature very high tech drivers that are 1-2 microns thick - the lighter and stronger the driver is, the better for sound quality. 

The cable is a copper crystalline with a clear housing. It looks simple and is a great cable - does not tangle, picks up no noise, is light and pliable, ends in 3.5mm, durable right angle plug with a 6.5mm adaptor. 

(To use with a balanced amp, go to accessories page, add the Meze 2.5mm or 4.4mm cable. Perfect fit!)

  • Weight: 399g
  • impedance: 25 ohm
  • sensitivity: 103 db
  • Frequency Response: 8 - 55,000 Hz


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