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A powerful subwoofer with compact dimensions of just over 30 cm, with a 1000 W class D amplifier and the ability to emit bass at a frequency of 11 Hz and create a sound pressure of 110 dB corresponding to live rock music. A pair of bass speakers on opposite sides to suppress self-resonance. Maximum connectivity, including the option to add a module for wireless audio transmission. Parameter settings for easy system integration including five equalization presets according to room location.

A powerful Subwoofer of compact dimensions, optimal for supplementing the sound with the deepest bass in a set with KEF speakers of the R series, LS50, LS50 META, LS50 Wireless II. Thanks to wide connectivity, including the possibility to supplement the subwoofer with a module for wireless sound transmission, it can also be included in a set with other speakers of a similar category.

  • Large volume of deep bass
  • Loudspeaker with dimensions only slightly exceeding 30 cm
  • A pair of woofers on opposite sides
  • Suppression of the enclosure's own resonances
  • Intelligent Distortion Suppression Technology (SDCT)
  • Maximum connectivity
  • Settings Integration of the unit into the iBX music system
    with an intelligent limiter and corrections according to the location in the space
  • Two class D amplifiers with a total power of 1000 W
  • Closed enclosure
  • The possibility of setting parameters for easy integration into a system
    with practically any loudspeakers in any room.
  • Input for KW1 adapter for wireless audio transmission.

Force Cancellation technology

To strengthen and suppress its own vibrations, the subwoofer is equipped with a pair of powerful bass speakers with a diameter of 228 mm (9") with a large linear lift and conical diaphragms pressed from a sandwich of aluminum and paper. The speakers are located on opposite sides of the enclosure and have tightly connected magnets. Speakers working in phase on the opposite sides of the enclosure, they increase its stiffness and neutralize mechanical stress. This allows deep bass with a frequency of 11 Hz to be emitted without unwanted resonances and distortion. The arrangement with a pair of bass speakers on opposite sides of the cabinet, which are also used by the Blade loudspeakers or the Reference 8b subwoofer, was used by the brand for the first time KEF on the Reference 104/2 model as early as 1984.

Maximum connectivity

Thanks to the maximum connectivity, it is not a problem to easily include this model in practically any audio system. The unfiltered LFE input can be connected to a home theater AV receiver, a stereo device equipped with a Pre Out output on a pair of Cinch inputs L and P. For devices without these outputs, there are high-level inputs that connect to the speaker outputs. Wireless sound transmission using the KW1 set of special accessories makes it easier to find the optimal place for the subwoofer in the room. In this case, the receiver from the set is plugged into a special port and secured against falling out with a pair of screws. A set of miniature slide switches can be used to select stereo or mono mode on the line RCA outputs, engage and set the low cut-off frequency of the high pass. This will make it possible to optimize the frequency coupling of the subwoofer to loudspeakers equipped with a built-in or external power amplifier. Especially small bass speakers are thus not unnecessarily overloaded with deep bass, which is not able to radiate anyway.

Optimal connection to the main speakers

Several setting options are available for optimal connection of the subwoofer to the main speakers. Depending on the location of the subwoofer in the room, one of the five basic preselected correction curves can be selected with the slide switch - in the room, near the wall, in the corner, in the furniture, or in an ordinary room. Other settings can be entrusted to the automatic AV receiver (LFE) or, using the level regulators, the dividing frequency and the phase switch, everything can be set manually.


Technical parameters

Principle Active subwoofer with a closed MDF enclosure,
with vibration suppression by a pair of
radiating loudspeakers
DSP equalizer.
Bass speakers 2 x 228 mm, (9")
aluminum/paper sandwich membrane, R series technology
Amplifier 2 x 500 W (RMS), class D
Frequency range 11 Hz - 200 Hz (- 3dB)
Maximum sound pressure 110 dB
Inputs: 1 x RCA RCA Line L, R (LFE)
1 x High Level Input (from speakers)
1 x Expansion Port (KW1 Wireless Receiver)
Outputs 1 x RCA Cinch line
Controls Volume (0 - 100%)
Splitting frequency 40 - 140 Hz
Switch Manual / LFE
5 st.EQ according to location
(in open space, in a corner, next to a wall, in furniture, ordinary apartment)
4. dip switch for adjustable HPF on the Line output Out
phase (0 / 180°)
Lift GND
Max power 1000 VA
Optimizing for the room 10 - 100 m2
Dimensions (w x h x d) 330 x 352.5 x 360.5 mm (including back panel and feet)
Mass: 20 kg
Colorful design Black shiny
Supplied accessories Power cable
4 pin. connector for high-level input

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