McIntosh MCD205 CD Changer(Pre-owned)
McIntosh MCD205 CD Changer(Pre-owned)
McIntosh MCD205 CD Changer(Pre-owned)
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McIntosh MCD205 CD Changer(Pre-owned)

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Performance Features:
• Advanced Transport
The new MusicBank Mechanism with direct loading, provides safe and gentle disc handling for up to five discs. The playing surface of the disc is never touched by the mechanism, only the outside edges of the disc.

• 24 BIT Digital to Analog Converters
The MCD205 utilizes 24-bit D/A converters that offer wide dynamic range with extremely low distortion. Music at all levels is reproduced with extreme precision and elegance. The sound is truly exceptional.

• Four Playback Modes
The MCD205 Compact Disc Player allows for Single Disc Play, All Disc Play, Program Play and Random Playback.

• Special Power Supply
A fully regulated Power Supply with a special R-Core Power Transformer, ensures stable noise free operation even though the power line varies.

Frequency Response
+0, -0.5 dB 5Hz to 20,000Hz

Signal to Noise Ratio
108dB (IHF A-weighted)

Dynamic Range

Harmonic Distortion
0.002% maximum

Channel Separation

Maximum Output level
2.0Vrms Balanced
2.0Vrms Unbalanced

Output Impedance
600 ohms Balanced
600 ohms Unbalanced

Sampling Frequency

D/A Converter
24-bit dual converters with 8 times oversampling digital filter

Error Correction

16-bit linear

Digital Output
Optical: -15dbm to -21dbm
Coaxial: 0.5V p-p/75 ohm

Transport Signal Readout Type
Semiconductor Optical Laser

Disc Rotational Velocity
200 to 500rpm (constant linear velocity)

Wow and Flutter
Below current measurement limits

Front Panel: 17-1/2 inches (44.5cm) wide, 5-3/8 inches (13.7cm) high, depth behind front mounting panel is 15 inches (38.1cm) including clearance for connectors. Panel clearance required in front of mounting panel is 3/4 inch (1.9cm).
Note: When a CD Disc is inserted or ejected the panel clearance required in front of mounting panel is 3-3/4 inches (9.5cm).

21 pounds (9.5Kg) net
35 pounds (15.9Kg) in shipping carton

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