Obbligato II (Pre-owned)
Obbligato II (Pre-owned)
Obbligato II (Pre-owned)
Obbligato II (Pre-owned)

Obbligato II (Pre-owned)

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Obbligato II

The foundation of the Angstrom Obbligato Renaissance, this high-performance floor standing loudspeaker is equally comfortable as front channel loudspeakers in a home theatre, or delivering high-fidelity audio in a two channel audio system.

•  Constructed from tri-composite Medium Density Fiberboard, Baltic Birch with real Cherry vaneer
•  7 Degree Angle cabinet design eliminates standing waves
•  Features Angstrom/Scanspeak glass fiber ‘Pentacone’ drivers and 28 mm silk dome tweeter
•  Nominal impedance; 4 ohms
•  Sensitivity: 86dB
•  Frequency Range: 39Hz – 30KHz
•  Dimensions: 41.5″ H x 7″ W x 12″ D



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