Stylum Square
Stylum Square

Stylum Square

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The NorStone Stylum Square speaker stand is an audiophile designed speaker stand, designed to accommodate a speaker weighing up to 30kg.

The sturdy NorStone Stylum Square speaker stand is made of metal tubing and a cast iron base resting on 4 decoupling pins. The use of these materials guarantees excellent vibration absorption to avoid any disturbance to the speaker. Measuring 600mm high, the NorStone Stylum Square stand allows you to place your speaker at ear level when sitting for ideal listening conditions.


Finish: Black / Black

Structure: Cast iron base with metal tube

(black/white/silver, 3 colors available)


Stand: 30 kg


W x H x D: 250 x 600 x 250mm

Weight: 13,7 kg


Quantity/box: 2 units (a pair by carton)

Type: Brown cardboard

Dimensions (W x H x D): 635 x 150 x 320 mm

Gross weight: 29,3 kg


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