Synergistic Research Purple Fuses 6.3mm X 32mm Fast-Blo
Synergistic Research Purple Fuses 6.3mm X 32mm Fast-Blo
Synergistic Research

Synergistic Research Purple Fuses 6.3mm X 32mm Fast-Blo

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The new Purple Fuse surpasses our Orange Fuse with technology initially developed for our state-of-the-art SRX Series cables. In fact, before two last-minute breakthrough SRX technologies, we could not better the Orange Fuse with its impossible combination of detail and rich harmonic musicality. As a result, we were set to forgo a new fuse introduction for 2022 as we could not build anything better sounding than Orange despite two years of trying.

It was not until we finalized two new technologies, namely a three-stage long duration high voltage conditioning process and a brand new UEF compound featuring Graphene, that we were able to beat the Orange Fuse significantly. Together these new technologies create a larger soundstage with better image focus and higher resolution from a perceived lowering of the noise floor.

Of all the fuse generations and refinements we have pioneered over the past decade, the new Purple Fuses are by far our best sounding and take the single greatest leap in performance over previous generations. All aspects of subjective sound quality get enhanced, including natural sound where instruments and vocals sound inherently right, dynamics, low-level detail, high-frequency extension, and smoothness all take a massive leap forward.

Available with a 30-day, no-risk money-back guarantee so you can take your time and discover just how mind bendingly excellent the new Purple Fuse is.

How fuses alter the sound of your system. For over one hundred years people believed electrons flowed like water through a pipe and that once ‘contaminated’ by miles of wire, there was little or nothing that could be done to ‘clean’ the electricity feeding your components. Consider this: the electricity feeding your system’s components first propagates through a single fuse. This is why significant gains in sound quality are possible when you insert an SR Black or Blue Fuses into each of your components.

Today physicists understand electrons don’t flow at all but rather propagate in a wave of energy that moves along a conductor with a multitude of factors that alters this wave at the quantum level. To understand how electricity travels without electrons ever leaving their respective atoms it is helpful to consider the spectator ‘wave’ at a football match. Even though you can clearly see a wave pattern moving from spectator to spectator as fans raise and then lower their hands (without hands jumping from one person to the next), so too does electricity ‘move’ without electrons ever leaving their atoms. At Synergistic Research we’ve isolated key factors that affect how electricity propagates by changing the behavior of electrons through Inductive Quantum Coupling methods we collectively call UEF Tech. In fact, UEF Tech is so powerful even an electrical chain several miles long is fundimentally improved with nothing more than a single fuse engineered with our patented UEF Technology.


Alan Sircom of writes (February 2022):
"...the overall effect can be summed up in one word; ‘naturalness’. The sound just seems a little less ‘electronicky’ and a bit more ‘natural’ and ‘effortless’. Better yet, the more Purple UEF fuses you add to the system, the more it tends toward this effortlessly natural sound. Rhythmic elements in the sound just ‘pop’ into place a bit more with each fuse in the chain and swapping them back for anything else is a step in the wrong direction. There’s no going back... I can’t really see someone not liking the improvements brought about by using Synergistic Research Purple UEF fuses, especially as the effect is cumulative... Not all of us are ‘born to the purple’, but these fuses can bring out the royalty in your system..."
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Rick Becker of Enjoy the writes (November 2021):
"...when I ran through my compilation CD with 18 cuts of different music, the Purple fuses improved on all my priorities. Big jumps in transparency, resolution, tonal color, and physicality (or presence of the performers in your room). The noise floor dropped a little, but most of that was previously taken care of by the NPS 1260. And with the lower noise floor comes more inner detail, macro, and microdyamics. The soundstage expanded in the sense that voices and instruments farther away became more intelligible. There was a tremendous improvement of clarity within the soundstage. Instruments and singers up front did not mask what was going on behind them. The venue of live recordings became a lot more real — both room tone and audience applause..."

"...the music exhibited a sense of height that was appropriate for each recording. My speakers go down to about 33Hz and in that lower region, the timbre of instruments became a lot more palpable. The attack of notes also contributed to the dynamics but it was the extension and tonal color of the decay of notes that yielded a level of bloom that lifted the pace, rhythm, and timing that drew me into the music. Cymbals shimmered and my toes suffered windburn from tapping along with the music..."

"..two hundred bucks is a lot of money for a fuse, but it's a bargain for the musicality the Purple brings to your system, even if you have to buy a handful of them. If you're faint of heart, start with only one for your favorite front-end component. But maximum enjoyment will likely come when you run them from top to bottom. You might discover that you no longer feel the need to buy the much more expensive component you've been eyeing. And how many thousands of dollars would that save you?" 
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