Tri-Art B-Series Speaker Stands Pair

Tri-Art B-Series Speaker Stands Pair

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  • Available Heights: 24 & 33 Inches
  • Material: Solid Constraint Laminate Bamboo
  • Finish: Hemp Oil
  • Isolation Feet: 4 Point Adjustable Brass-Collared, Bronze Spike Feet and Brass Collar Feet
  • Adjustments: Spikes Can be Leveled from Above Without Having to Tip the Stand Over
  • Inserts: Each of the 4 Corners are Fitted with 1 Pound Brass Insert
  • Acoustic Properties: Solid Bamboo Pillar and Base with Acoustic Waffling to Break Up Sound Waves
  • Tuning: Combination of Brass, Copper, and Bronze Turning holes Run the Length of the Pillar
  • Speaker Plinth: Speaker Plinth Isolated Using 6 Machine-Hardened Steel Ball Bearings
  • Shipping: Flatpack for Shipping

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