Tri-Art S-Series Ta-0.5 Turntable with 9" Arm
Tri-Art S-Series Ta-0.5 Turntable with 9" Arm
Tri-Art S-Series Ta-0.5 Turntable with 9" Arm

Tri-Art S-Series Ta-0.5 Turntable with 9" Arm

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 Tri-Art S-Series Ta-0.5 Turntable with 9" Arm

 The S-Series TA-0.5 Belt Drive Turntable is available in two models. Our standard model, #18395 is equipped with a standard 9″ bamboo tonearm. Our model #20489 is a fully equipped turntable model, complete with standard 9″ bamboo tonearm, mm-cartridge (elliptical) and an integrated mm-phono section. The phono section has a bypass switch to be used with an external phono stage. Both versions feature a bamboo plinth soaked in hemp oil, leveling legs, brass pulley, bronze collar spike bearing with an ABEC7 carbonized ceramic ball bearing, removable spindle and an aluminum sub platter with bronze shaft.


Turntable Details

Plinth: 3 Ply Bamboo laminate 19.05mm (3/4″)

Motor: Single 24 Pole Synchronous AC Motor

Pulley: Brass Pulley

Speed: 33.3 & 45 rpm

Drive: Belt Drive

Platter: 3-ply Bamboo Laminate 19.05mm (3/4″)

Spindle: Removable Spindle Cover

Sub Platter: Aluminum Sub Platter with Steel Shaft

Legs: Leveling Legs

Bearing: Bronze Collar Bearing with ABEC7 Carbonized Ceramic Ball Bearing

Dimensions: H 15.5cm x W 40.9cm x L 33.3cm / 8 1/4″ x 16″ x 32.39″

Arm Details

The S Series 9” (222mm) arm comes pre mounted on either version of the S series turntable. The tone arm features the same handmade bamboo design, soaked in hemp like our table design.

Material: Three Ply Bamboo Laminate 12mm

Settings: VTA & Azimuth Adjustments

Anti-Skate Adjust: Passive Anti-Skate

Bearing Assembly: Bronze with Brass Collar Spike and Synthetic, High Viscosity Grease Bearing

Arm Base: Bamboo Supports on Plinth

Wiring: Cardas Wire 33 AWG Uninterrupted from Headshell Clips to Brass Female RCA with Silver Plated Cartridge Clips

Level: Micro Bubble Level Included

Arm Length: 9″ / 222 mm

Tone Arm Mass: 10g

Cartridge Details

*Only available on PID# 20489

Type: Moving Magnet

Stylus: Elliptical Bonded

Cantilever: Aluminum Pipe

Load Impedance (Recommended): 47K Ohms

Load Capacitance (Recommended): 100 – 200 pF

Frequency Response: 20 – 22,000 Hz

Output V: 4.0mV

Channel Separation: 20db (1KHz)

Body: Bamboo

Coating: Napheline

Weight: 5.2 Grams

Replacement Stylus: Retipping Available

Cartridge Mounting Kit: Yes

Tracking Force: 1.8g to 2.2g (2.0 Tested)

Phono Details

Phono Amp: 5mv, 47ohm Cartridges

MM/MC: MM only

Bypass Switch: Phono Bypass Switch for use with an external phono amp.

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