Vasari Shibata MM Cartridge
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Vasari Shibata MM Cartridge

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The new generation MM cartridge

Vasari’s innovative design is the result of a long research and development phase to create a high-performance MM cartridge. The body is made from a single machined piece of solid aluminium 7000 alloto ensure high damping power and assisted by aultra-light aluminium cantilever – inserted directly into the body to minimizany unwanted vibration – sthat Vasari caextract even the finesdetailfrom the vinyl groove.


The new Vasari Shibata, thanks to the peculiar shape of its stylus designed by Mr Shibata in the 70s – basically an evolution of the elliptical shape with extra special cuts on one end creating a hybrid asymmetrical shape – allows an incredible increase of surface area contact whilst a significant reduction of total pressure into the vinyl groove. The result is that the Vasari Shibata can produce a nearly perfect playback reaching all areas of the vinyl groove but reducing the wear of both the record and the diamond.

Vasari is also available in the Gold model, with a Duralluminio body, and in the Red one, made with a special ultra-damping photopolymer resin. All of the Vasari models have an output level of 4mV.


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