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MY TAKE: Over the years we’ve come to appreciate the quality, performance and value offered by the Wireworld line of cables. I can’t tell you how many cables we’ve tried in this price range, but none have matched Wireworld cables for performance and versatility. These cables have, what we term, very low system dependency (meaning they remain neutrally-balanced in most any system) which virtually guarantees a good fit in your current system, and won’t be out of place as you change equipment. - Galen Carol


Series 8 Upgrades

The upgrade to Composilex 3 in Series 8 interconnects improves tonal purity and image focus, while the increased number of strand groups has increased detail, soundstage separation, bass extension and dynamic expression.


All audio cables act as filters that remove portions of the signal, but Wireworld interconnects are engineered to lose less than others, producing higher definition and greater musical enjoyment.

The design employs four thin flat conductors stacked in a parallel array that is precisely wound into a helix. This configuration optimizes the electromagnetic field between the conductors, effectively neutralizing the electromagnetic loss that filters the signal in other cables.

Utilizing the same world-class design as the Platinum, Silver and Gold Eclipse cables, Eclipse 6 is the cable for those who refuse to compromise when it comes to preserving the natural timbre of instruments and voices.

The Eclipse 8 features WireWorld’s patented DNA Helix™ cable design and utilizes Silver Tube™ plugs for optimum connectivity. Also available with XLR terminations.

WireWorld Proprietary Silver Tube™ Connectors:

As impressive as they may look, gold-plated connectors are not a reliable indicator of quality in cables. Most gold-plated plugs are made of brass, which is plated with bright nickel and a thin layer of gold. Brass and nickel are rather poor conductors that introduce significant loss at the points of contact. Most WireWorld connectors have contacts made of oxygen-free copper and silver for substantial improvements in sound and video quality. The connectors feature tubular silver-clad OFC contacts and a silicone rubber tension band, which produce the lowest contact resistance available; these state-of-the-art connectors make dramatic improvements in sound and image quality. (U.S. Patent 5,413,503). WireWorld XLR connectors also use nickel-free, silver-clad contacts for superior performance.


The Sound Advocate: "Without a doubt, the Wireworld range of cables, interconnects and power cords; particularly these newest Eclipse 8 models examined here never fail to produce a high standard of consistent, stable and natural sound reproduction. The whole Eclipse line simply exploits all the components in your system with an honest, truthful and exemplary balance of qualities while at the same time integrating your system in a way that will be quite hard to beat at these prices.

More importantly, upon longer listening sessions, they exhibit an expression of musical reproduction enjoyment that is just completely “right” sounding; meaning: they are so well balanced and tonally accurate that you feel a supreme sense of confidence in them; while acknowledging that you cannot get much better than this within their relative scale of quality. As such, when listening to these cables in your home system, you feel a definitive sense of trust that Wireworld has given you all the goods- and at the right price. The Eclipse 8 combination can, therefore, be regarded by this reviewer as an absolutely excellent value and is wholeheartedly recommended!" - Howard Milstein

HiFiWorld: "It is very tight, open and lively to listen to, letting music sparkle out at you through the loudspeakers with a lustre that's not normally available from a cable even at this sort of price."
"Overall, an impressive new piece of wire that deserves to succeed, especially in valve or vinyl-based systems where it complements perfectly." -


  • Construction: Patented DNA Helix™ (Quad)
  • Conductor Type: OCC-7N Copper
  • Qty: 4 (32 strands)    Gauge: 18AWG |  0.8 sq. mm
  • Insulation: Composilex 3
  • Plug Contacts: Silver-clad oxygen-free copper
  • Connectors: Silver Tube™ RCA or nickel-free, silver-clad XLR
  • Available Terminations: RCA or XLR

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