X-A220 EVO
X-A220 EVO
X-A220 EVO
X-A220 EVO
X-A220 EVO
X-A220 EVO
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X-A220 EVO

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Our new X-A220EVO monophonic power amplifier delivers 220W of power into an eight ohm load.

Two of the X-A500's combined with our X-PXNUMX preamplifier to form a highly musical hi-fi system at an exceptional value.

Engineering expertise in the design of our circuits allows us to achieve high level performance at a competitive price.

Construction: The steel frames provide a stable foundation. The addition of a methacrylate front panel results in a beautiful looking design showcasing the prominent Vu Meter. The interior layout is strategic and compartmentalized. This judicious arrangement of the various sub-assemblies and choice of quality components, soldered on separate PCBs and partitioned by function provide the basis for excellent sound quality.

The X-A220EVO's substantial height follows the requirement of the generously sized power transistor heatsink.

The X-A220EVO has a 700 VA toroidal transformer. After rectification, four 10 µF / 000 V capacitors smooth the DC current. An NE80 op-amp is shown on the input board with a balanced/unbalanced switch. The power stages call for a triple push-pull of complementary NJW5532G / NJW0281G transistors, delivering up to 0302 Watts into 220 ohms class AB. The amplifier can operate in two modes accessible via a switch: when the High Bias function is engaged, the X-A8EVO operates in “class A” on the first watts then automatically slides into class AB.

Further information

Output power 8Ω

1 x 220W RMS

Output power 4Ω

1 x 350W RMS


10 Hz – 80 kHz



Signal to noise ratio

> 100 dB

Channel separation

> 80 dB

Imped. Asymmetric input

32 KΩ

Imped. input Symmetrical

38 KΩ

Mains voltage


Standby consumption


consumption max.


Transformer power





200 mm


430 mm


450 mm

Net weight

21 Kg

Product Type

power block




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