Aesthetix Pallene

Aesthetix Pallene

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Product Details

The Pallene is a high quality pre-amplifier that is featured in the award-winning Mimas integrated amplifier and is a great example of a new breed of amplifiers that are incorporating high end circuit designs and high quality componentry packaged at an unprecedented pricing level, offering incredible performance and value. This level of performance is frankly astonishing. Matched with the Dione power amplifier, this is a potent combination that will defy expectations and deliver a level of musical enjoyment normally reserved for components double the price. Hand-made elegant aesthetic fused with a dynamic yet sophisticated sound. Remarkable!

Product Specification

Item Linestage (Preamplifier)
Inputs Analog Line Connectors
1 single-ended RCA and 1 Balanced XLR for each of the 5 analog Line Inputs
Input Impedance: 20KΩ Single-ended or 40KΩ Balanced (20K per phase)
Gain: (Tube variable) 24dB maximum w/gain jumpers @ 0dB
Polarity: (Balanced) Pin-2 = Positive, Pin-3 = Negative
Maximum input level: 9V RMS per phase


Phono (optional)
1 single-ended RCA per channel for 2 Phono inputs
Resistive & capacitance Load as well as Gain control. Ranges variable when MC or MM is selected
Fully discrete FET-based, high gain differential circuit

Digital (Optional)
2 x RCA, 2 x TosLink & 1 x USB 24bit / 352K, DSD & DSD2. USB utilises Wavelength Technologies’ asynchronous implementation

Outputs Preamp Out
Connectors: 1 balanced and 1 single-ended per channel
Impedance: Single-Ended – 100 ohms; Balanced – 200 ohms (100 ohms per phase)


¼” standard headphone stereo jack. 1/3W into 32 ohms. HD (Optional): 1W into 32 ohms, fully discrete Class A with Mogami wiring

Modes/Processes Standby, Auto sense headphone & trigger, Home Theater Bypass available to each analog line input, individual analog input level control; Internal Hi/Lo gain jumpers
Volume Control 88 1dB steps, utilizing individual switched 1% metal film resistors
Tubes (per channel) One 6922 (6DJ8) or equivalent per channel
I/O RS232: 1 DB9 connector
Frequency Response (-3dB points @ full power) <2 – 150 kHz
Control RS232: 1 DB9 connector.
IR extender 1.8” stereo jack
Trigger Input 1/8” Jack, +5 and +12 V auto sense Level or Pulse (> 100mS: Level; <100mS: Pulse)
Power Consumption Active (no signal): 100W; Standby (normal mode): 25W; Standby (high efficiency mode): 6W
Maximum Operating Temperature Internal 176° F (80° C)
Room: 122° F (50° C)
Dimensions 434 (W) x 140 (H) x 449 (D) mm
Boxed 558 (W) x 254 (H) x 558 (D) mm
Weight 12.7 kg (28 lbs) Boxed 15.9 kg (35 lbs)
Finish Black or Silver
Warranty 3 years, non-transferable

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