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Cardas Clear Beyond Interconnect
Cardas Clear Beyond Interconnect
Cardas Clear Beyond Interconnect
Cardas Clear Beyond Interconnect
Cardas Clear Beyond Interconnect
Cardas Audio

Cardas Clear Beyond Interconnect

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Cardas Copper

At the heart of a Cardas cable is Our Ultra-Pure Cardas Copper.

Mined in the Southwest USA and processed in the Northeast, we employ proprietary drawing and annealing techniques to create the highest quality, purest copper strands. A Single Poly-Nylon coating is applied to prevent oxidation and eliminate crosstalk between strands

The basic building blocks of a Cardas cable have been constant since day one: Our own, Ultra-Pure Copper, produced using our proprietary method. Multi-stranded Litz conductors, with strand size varying in Golden Ratio steps. Top quality dielectric materials and innovative air-tube dielectric suspension techniques. Premium connectors machined from copper & brass, plated with silver, and a flash of rhodium. Terminations performed by skilled craftsmen, using Cardas Quad Eutectic Solder and Cardas Rosin Flux Soldering Paste. These design elements were present in the original Cardas cables, like Quadlink & Hexlink, and former flagships such as Golden Cross & Golden Reference.
Our Clear cable line combines all of this with Matched Propagation Technology, the subject of George’s most recent patent (US Patent 7,674,973), which matches the propagation rate of the conductor to that of the dielectric, eliminating time-smear distortion, improving musical integrity and dynamic range.


Clear Beyond Interconnect, our ultimate flagship interconnect and a marvel of modern cable design, features our most advanced Matched Propagation Conductors. Clear Beyond Interconnect brings noteworthy improvements in spatial imaging, dynamics, and low frequency impact while retaining the classic Cardas musicality.
Clear Beyond Interconnect builds on over 30 years of Cardas Audio’s relentless dedication to the perfection of high- performance cables. Superior shielding and advanced air-tube suspension geometry result in an O.D. of .511”, which necessitates the use of our XRCA 13 adaptor for single-ended termination, and a re-designed CG XLR for
balanced cables.
More than anything, Clear Beyond Interconnect is musical. Tonal balance is completely neutral, with unsurpassed speed and transparency. Each pair is made to order and hand terminated only by our senior technicians.


Conductors: Matched Propagation Kevlar core, ultra-fine Grade 1, 99.9999% pure oxygen free copper with SPN clear coat (Litz), gauge sizes
scaled to Golden Ratio proportions and range from 47 AWG to 39 AWG.
Cross-field layer geometry, insulated in ultra-thin extruded PTFE jacket. Geometry: Star-Quad 4 conductors with anti-static LDPE air-tubes bound with carbon impregnated PTFE tape wrap. Outer layer uses PTFE air-tubes scaled 1.618 times larger than the core tubes to suspend the composite shield of tinned copper and magnet wire away from the signal carrying conductors


All factory terminated cables come with our unmatched, transferable, Lifetime Warranty.

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