Cardas Clear USB Digital Cable
Cardas Clear USB Digital Cable

Cardas Clear USB Digital Cable

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The breakthrough technology of the Cardas Clear series cables comes to a serial bus USB cable with Cardas Clear USB. The matched propagation design comes as close to perfection as any cable ever envisioned. The connectors and the connection techniques are unequalled in the industry.

Termination consists of a USB connector on one end and a serial bus USB connector on the other end. For digital signal transmission, there is no better conduit of delicate high-frequency data streams than Cardas Clear.

Using Cardas copper and patented Golden Ratio stranding, the Clear USB is built to the highest standards in the industry. Hand terminated in the USA at Cardas Audio's facility in Bandon Oregon, Clear USB is not a mass-market cable and definitely doesn't sound like one. With greater air, definition, bottom octave power and control and of course, the glorious Cardas midrange presence that is the hallmark of Cardas designs.

The following information applies primarily to Clear analog cables but still provides an insight into the innovative approach of the Clear series in general.

Clear High Speed USB is available with Type-A & Type-B connectors.

Features & Specifications:

  • Advanced serial bus USB cable
  • Matched propagation design
  • USB connector on one end; serial bus USB connector on the other end
  • Superior connectors and connection techniques

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