Cardas Iridium Power Cord
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Cardas Iridium Power Cord

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Joining Iridium Speaker, Interconnect & Phono, Iridium Power brings high performance power delivery to the affordable end of Cardas' product line.

Shielded, with two Cardas 11.5 AWG Crossfield Conductors, PFA tape dielectric, and a toroidal filter, Iridium Power shares design features with our higher end power cables.

Iridium Power is light & flexible, and comes terminated with Cardas 3455R Power Connectors. It has enough capacity to be used with almost any electronics from sensitive digital sources to power amplifiers.

Iridium Power comes standard with Cardas 3455R wall plugs & 15 amp IEC connectors, featuring copper blades plated with rhodium over silver. 


  • Geometry: Double shielded using aluminum/mylar and tinned copper. Twisted pair with natural cotten filler bound with PTFE tape wrap. Super flexible Alcyrn rubber jacket.
  • Gauge: 2x11.5 AWG
  • Outside Diameter: 0.490"/10.1mm

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