Classic 15
Classic 15
Classic 15
Classic 15
Classic 15
Classic 15
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Classic 15

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Maturity is a particular type of strength – the Classic 15 presents itself as a loudspeaker that excels in its class through technical innovations, intelligent detail solutions, and elegant styling, while sonically achieving an impressive degree of maturity. The results you will find highly convincing.

The two and a half-way system operates on a ventilated volume. The reflex port is located in the enclosure’s bottom plate above the solid plinth and radiates downwards, allowing for a uniform coupling to the room. The set-up, therefore, is uncomplicated. Flow noise, like you, often have with classic reflex tubes, is entirely unknown to the Classic 15, as the actual reflex opening is formed by an extremely stiff, fine-pored ceramic plate.

The Classic 15’s technological maturity expresses itself through its driver technology. For the first time, the world’s unique Audio Physic dual basket design is being used also in the Classic series. This ground-breaking design drastically reduces the mechanical transmission of micro-vibrations between drivers and enclosure.

Woofer and mid-woofer are both equipped with cones made of glass fiber. However, surround, motor and voice coil are optimized for their respective frequency spectrum in order to achieve clear playback fidelity. The midrange driver has got a fixed phase plug to improve the ventilation of the oscillating system. The so important midrange clearly benefits from these efforts, because within this particular frequency range the human ear is especially sensitive and immediately detects tonal discolorations. The Classic 15 is capable of reproducing tonal colours and human voices as natural and concise as previously only known from higher-priced speakers.

The oscillating system of the Classic 15’s tweeter is elaborately ventilated as well so that the soft dome made by a German specialist company always finds ideal operating conditions even under heavy load. Thanks to the powerful motor and the low self-resonance, the tweeter achieves exemplary signal integrity far beyond the audible range. A small horn-shaped sound guide surrounds the actual dome and ensures a seamless transition between mid and high frequencies. So even outside of the so-called sweet spot, you will be able to enjoy a relaxed musical experience. With the real wood variants walnut or cherry, natural real wood surfaces meet noble black glass on the narrow front and thus convey restrained elegance.

And of course, the Classic 15 can also optionally be equipped with the modern VCF II Magnetic M8 plus feet. These feet guarantee perfect decoupling from the floor and protect sensitive surfaces as well.

Technical Specs

990 mm / 39.0"
170 mm / 6.7"
240 mm / 9.5"
Required Space Width x Depth
210 x 300 mm / 8.3 x 11.8"
16 kg (wood) / 19,5 kg (glass)
Recommended amplifier power
20-120 W
4 Ohm
Freqency range
38 Hz - 30 kHz
89 dB
8/9" Soft Dome
5.9" Glass Fibre Cone
5.9" Glass Fibre Cone
Glass Grill Black, Spike Set


VCF – Vibration Control Feet optional

The best feet for our – and other – speakers. VCF provide a substantial improvement of sound performance by reducing transfer of unwanted vibrations while at the same time protecting delicate surfaces. Also available as VCF Component for Hi-Fi separates and as VCF Cable Supports.

2½-Way Design

The 2 ½-way speaker operates similar to a 2-way speaker, but is supplemented by an additional woofer, which covers the frequency range up to 500Hz in parallel to the mid-woofer.

Dual Basket Design

AUDIO PHYSIC’S unique DUAL BASKET DESIGN is a true break-through innovation and the most important part of the HHCM-III technology. Instead of the tradition single basket, our HHCM-III features two separate baskets to prevent and subdue unwanted vibrations already at the source.

Sandwich Cabinet Construction

Our unique Sandwich Cabinets are an innovative way to stop the speaker cabinet from developing an acoustical life of its own. It is especially effective with our stylish glass-finished speakers as the relatively high weight of the glass panels helps dampening the cabinet even better.

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