EAR HP4 Headphone Amplifier
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EAR HP4 Headphone Amplifier

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EAR HP4 Headphone Amplifier

Tim de Paravicini has long had a worldwide reputation for valve preamplifiers and power amplifiers. Now he has applied his expertise to produce what is arguably the worlds finest headphone amplifier aimed at the highest quality dynamic headphones.

The EAR HP4 Headphone Amplifier uses 6SL7 valves, properly matched to the load through renowned transformers, to deliver nearly 1W of high quality, low distortion power into either high or low impedance headphones. The output circuit configuration uses de Paravicini’s Enhanced Triode Mode, as employed in the highly successful V20 and 859 integrated amplifiers, while the input is also transformer coupled giving the flexibility to accept balanced or unbalanced signals from the preamplifier.

For the greatest user convenience the EAR HP4 Headphone Amplifier has its own volume control, while input signals can be independently switched through to the power amplifier for headphone and/or loudspeaker listening. As with all EAR products, reliability is paramount and the expected valve life is in excess of 10,000 hours.
EAR HP4 Headphone Amplifier

Connections for four pair of headphones
High and low impedance outputs
Single ended and balanced inputs/outputs
Mute switch

Four 6SL7 Valves · 4 Headphone Outputs - 2 High & 2 Low Impedance · One line input ·
One balanced input · One line and balanced outpout · Chrome or Gold Knob option

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