Elipson Heritage XLS 11 (Each)
Elipson Heritage XLS 11 (Each)
Elipson Heritage XLS 11 (Each)
Elipson Heritage XLS 11 (Each)

Elipson Heritage XLS 11 (Each)

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Strong points

  • vintage design 
  • 21cm speaker 
  • Wide harmonic palette 
  • Adjustable gain

Elipson Heritage XLS 11

The Elipson Heritage XLS 11 loudspeaker is a bass-reflex loaded three-way model with a decidedly vintage aesthetic. Little sister of the  Elipson Heritage XLS 15 speaker , the Elipson Heritage XLS 11 takes up the elements of its success, while providing a more compact format to fit more easily into any interior. Its 21 cm woofer provides a nice presence in the bass, while the two dome speakers for the midrange and treble provide a rich and balanced reproduction. The Elipson Heritage XLS 11 speaker also benefits from an adjustable gain for the midrange and treble to always provide optimum reproduction. 

Elipson Heritage XLS 11: 21cm speaker 

The vintage Elipson Heritage XLS 11 speaker benefits from all the know-how of the oldest French hi-fi brand. It implements a large bass speaker 21 cm in diameter. Like the 30 cm model that equips the Elipson Heritage XLS 15 speaker, this speaker adopts a membrane made of cellulose fibers. This makes it possible to take advantage of a loudspeaker that ideally combines rigidity and lightness to move the air very efficiently and very quickly. The membrane of the bass driver of the Elipson Heritage XLS 11 loudspeaker is also coupled with a large coil as well as a powerful magnetic assembly to provide intense and reactive bass. Thus, the Elipson Heritage XLS 11 speaker is capable of effectively going down to 45 Hz. 

Elipson Heritage XLS 11 speaker

Elipson Heritage XLS 11:  rich mids

The 21 cm driver of the vintage Elipson Heritage XLS 11  speaker is coupled to a 55 mm diameter treated dome driver for the reproduction of the midrange. This has the particularity of being able to cover almost three octaves on its own in the most sensitive frequency ranges of our auditory perception. Thus, the reproduction of the midrange turns out to be freer, and perfectly coherent with the upper register. This also allows the Elipson Heritage XLS 11 loudspeaker to limit distortion to the strictest minimum to provide the listener with rich, natural and well-defined mids. 

 Elipson Heritage XLS 11 speaker

Elipson Heritage XLS 11: transient response 

The reproduction of the treble is entrusted to a 22 mm diameter silk dome tweeter. This is directly derived from the proven tweeter present on the speakers of the Elipson Prestige Facet range . It is used by Elipson engineers for its ability to display an excellent transient regime as well as its perfect mastery of high frequencies up to 25 kHz.

Elipson Heritage XLS 11:  adjustable gain 

To ensure always optimal reproduction and to match the expectations of the listener, the source or the listening room, the Elipson Heritage XLS 11 loudspeaker makes it easy to adjust the response in the midrange and treble. To do this, it has two selectors on its front panel: the first is dedicated to the treble, while the second is responsible for the mids. Each selector then makes it possible to adjust the gain of the speaker by + or - 1 dB in the midrange or treble register. 

Elipson Heritage XLS 11:  reinforced cabinet 

Like all speakers from the French brand, the Elipson Heritage XLS 11 benefits from robust cabinetry. The latter is designed in thick medium-density wood fibers and benefits from internal reinforcements to limit harmful vibrations and resonances. The cabinet of the loudspeaker can rest on the floor in two different ways: either by a flat plinth mounted as standard on the loudspeaker, or by an optional angled plinth. The latter adopts a flared shape to further raise the Elipson Heritage XLS 11 speaker and optimize the phase. Finally, the screw terminals of the Elipson Heritage XLS 11 loudspeaker are compatible with large section cables, banana plugs and forks. 

With its vintage aesthetic and numerous drivers, the Elipson Heritage XLS 11 loudspeaker is a high-performance solution for bringing music to life. It displays a wide harmonic palette, allowing each register to express itself freely. 


Type : Compact loudspeaker - 3 way - Bass - reflex
Port : Flared - front ported - Tuned Freq.: 37 Hz
Power : 130 W RMS
Mid-bass : 8” cellulose pulp Midrange : 2.2'' coated dome
Tweeter : 0.87” silk dome
Crossover - Fc : 850 & 5000 Hz - 12dB/12dB-12dB/18dB

Frequency response (+/- 3dB) : 45-25 000 Hz
Tweeter & midrange level control & front plate :
- 1 dB / 0 dB (Ref) / + 1 dB
Recommended power amplifier : 50 - 150 W
Sensitivity : 90 dB / 1W / 1m
Impedance : 6 Ohms (min 3 Ohms @2400 Hz)


Dimensions : H x W x D : 560 x 320 x 270/278 mm
Weight : 17kg (unit)


Packaging dimensions : H x L x P : 715 x 455 x 415 mm
Gross weight : 20,5 kg

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