Elipson INFINITE S12
Elipson INFINITE S12
Elipson INFINITE S12

Elipson INFINITE S12

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    The Infinite S12 subwoofer is a built-in model, designed for home theater rooms and optimized for the Infinite 8 and Infinite 14 speakers. Bass-reflex model, it is equipped with a powerful 30 cm speaker.

    Elipson offers the Infinite S12 built-in box a practical solution for reproducing low frequencies in a home theater room. Passive, this box requires the use of an amplifier to operate. Its admissible power is high, with 500 W continuous and twice the peak peak. Elipson has chosen a 30 cm speaker, loaded with bass-reflex with two circular front vents. Thus, thanks to a volume of a hundred liters, the box reaches the low frequency of 28 Hz, with an attenuation of 3 dB compared to the high-bass register.

    The Infinite S12 subwoofer requires an installation depth of 22 cm and has a solid satin aluminum front panel. It can be installed in partitions and behind a transparent screen, without prejudice to its performance.

    For large rooms (> 50 m2) or those equipped with a large number of speakers (Atmos for example), the use of several Infinite S12 subwoofers is recommended.


      Speaker : Passive subwoofer

      Fixation : In-wall / On-Wall

      Event (Bass-Reflex) : Double front port tube

      Power : 500W RMS / 1000W peak

      Woofer : 300 mm, 76 mm voice coil, Neodymium motor

      Sensitivity : 92 dB/1W/1m

      Impedance : 8 Ohms (6.5 Ohms minimum)

      Input : SpeakOn, binding post

      Finish : Black satin, black aluminum front

      Colors : Black

      Dimensions (W x H x D) : 450 x 950 x 273 mm

      Cut out Dimensions (L x H) : 400 x 900 mm

      Recessed depth : 222 mm

      Weight : 33,5 kg

      Low frequency response : 28 Hz to -3dB


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