Elipson Legacy 3230
Elipson Legacy 3230
Elipson Legacy 3230
Elipson Legacy 3230
Elipson Legacy 3230
Elipson Legacy 3230
Elipson Legacy 3230

Elipson Legacy 3230

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The Legacy range perfectly embodies the brand's HIFI know-how! To design this new range, Elipson has taken advantage of the innovations developed in-house for more than 60 years through emblematic models such as the La Religieuse loudspeaker, the 4050 or 1303 model, combined with the modern materials of our time.

Fast, bright, perfect extension of extreme frequencies, expressive midrange, airy and realistic sound image, are all qualities that characterize the Legacy speakers. In the end, they are forgotten and give way to musical pleasure close to reality.

Made in France, the range is composed of a bookshelf speaker, Legacy 3210 for small spaces and two floorstanding speakers including the Legacy 3230, the flagship of the brand.

The Legacy 3230 is a 3-way loudspeaker, whose column houses the subwoofer with two 21cm (8in) cellulose pulp drivers with an aluminium surface; surmounted by a resin sphere housing the 16cm (6in) ceramic midrange driver and a wide dispersion AMT ribbon tweeter.

Type :

Floorstanding speaker 3 way Bass-reflex - Sphere

Power :

200 W RMS

Drive-units :

Woofer : 2 x 8” cone cellulose pulp with aluminium layer

Midrange : 6” pure ceramic

Tweeter Ribbon-AMT

Frequency response :

25-30000 Hz (+/- 3 dB) - 38 kHz @ -5dB

Sensibility :

91 dB/1W/1m

Nominal impedance :

4 Ohms (Min : 2,9 Ohm @ 103 Hz)

Connectors :

Audiophile quality for bi-wiring or bi-amplification

Cut-off frequencies :

400 & 3200 Hz

Crossover slopes :

High Pass : 12 dB/octave with impedance equalization -

24 dB acoustics

Band Pass : 12 dB/octave

Low Pass : 12 dB/octave

Cabinet :

MDF 25-30mm with braces (3) coupling woofers cabinet

with structure

Resin spherical enclosure, filled with Silica

Bass-reflex type :

Down firing - flared shape

Dimensions :

W347 x H1340 x D450 mm

Weight :

50 kg

Finishes :

Silver oak or walnut + black satin - Sphere: black satin

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