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  • The new Foundation Component Discs are 3 inches in diameter (7.62 cm), rigid, round, 6mm thick discs designed to be placed on cabinet shelves, bookshelves, tables credenzas, and equipment rack shelves under components - wherever your smaller components such as phono preamp, line preamp, DAC, streamer, WiFi router, network hub, small integrated amps, and small power amps are set up. Place the Component Discs, then place your small component on them.
  • Reposition the Discs as needed to ensure they're centered under the component feet. 

    As long as the component feet are centered on the Component Mat or Component Discs, they'll do their job.

  • To avoid edge damage, keep heavy component feet at least 1"/2.5 cm away from the edge of the Component Mat. 

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