MyConnect 150
MyConnect 150
MyConnect 150
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MyConnect 150

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The MyConnect 150 is an audiophile “All-in-One” with a toroidal transformer for the power supply and many features such as streaming, CD, FM / DAB radio.


The MyConnect 150 is an integrated tube hifi system for demanding listeners that want the simplicity of a single component system.

Equipped with a tube preamplifier, the MyConnect 150 shines with the exceptional musicality it delivers, worthy of fine separated electronics. Its 2x150W amplifier section will brilliantly drive the most difficult speakers, allowing high-quality sound reproduction.

Multi-source, the MyConnect 150 is particularly versatile for reproducing streaming sources as well as physical media: it includes a network player for playing your music library from your smartphone, tablet, PC or MAC, your network hard drive or your USB keys, as well as CDs. It is controlled from our Advance Playstream application available on the AppStore or GooglePlay.

It integrates top streaming services like Spotify, Qobuz, Deezer, Tidal, TuneIn and many more.
In addition to the network player, it has a CD player, an FM tuner, a DAB/DAB+ tuner, a Bluetooth port compatible with an optional high definition dongle X-FTB02 ou X-FTB01, an X-MOS port (USB B) for direct connection of a PC or MAC.

The MyConnect 150 is unique blend of available features and performance.


The MyConnect 150 is compatible with virtually any turntable. You will find a setting for MM, low level MC and high level MC cartridges


The MyConnect 150 is SPOTIFY Connect compatible. You can choose your amplifier as a music streamer directly in the SPOTIFY app.


Find your FM (analogue) and DAB (digital) radio stations thanks to the tuners included in the MyConnect 150.

Tube pre-amplification

The MyConnect 150 uses audio tubes for pre-amplification. A guarantee of great musicality even for digital sources.

Further information

Output power 8Ω

2 x 130W RMS

Output power 4Ω

2 x 190W RMS


Inf. 0,006%

Frequency response

20Hz – 80kHz

Signal to noise ratio


Mains voltage

115/230V 50/60Hz


105 mm


430 mm


370 mm







Net weight

14,5 kg.

Gross weight

17,2 kg.


SSE 9018

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