Tri-Art S-Series Headphone Amp - SPECIAL ORDER
Tri-Art S-Series Headphone Amp - SPECIAL ORDER

Tri-Art S-Series Headphone Amp - SPECIAL ORDER

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*Available in Showroom for Demo. Please call or email to order.

Derived in concept from our P-Series, The S Series Headphone amplifier design works perfectly with low impedance headphones but really shines when connected to high end high impedance headphones. Although musicality is our ultimate goal, the specs for this unit are impressive. With an output resistance of 75 ohms and virtually unmeasurable THD <0.001 combined with a SNR of >100db, matched to a quality source component. As with all our products, we eschew plastic components for natural materials of bamboo, sheeps wool, hemp oil.


Headphone 6.3mm (¼”) Jack

Volume Controlled ALPS Shunt Resistor Design


Input: 1 Stereo RCA

Power Supply

5V DC Linear Power Supply


Bamboo Soaked in Hemp Oil

Hand-brushed Aluminium Front and Back Plate

Packed with Unbleached Natural and Fire Resisting Sheep’s Dampening Wool

Felt Pad Feet


Dimensions: W: 203mm x H: 184mm x L: 203mm / 8″ x 7¼” x 8″

Weight: 1119g / 2.4lbs