Varro SUB2070.2 Powered Subwoofer
Varro SUB2070.2 Powered Subwoofer
Varro SUB2070.2 Powered Subwoofer
Varro SUB2070.2 Powered Subwoofer
Varro SUB2070.2 Powered Subwoofer

Varro SUB2070.2 Powered Subwoofer

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SUB2070.2 Powered Subwoofer


A decade after its original inception the Sub 2070.2 renews the promise of earthshaking performance, precise sound control in combination with a truly unique design. On the outside the look has not changed a bit since the original Sub 2070: A simple, robustcube with strong top- and bottom panels all in high gloss lacquering. But on the inside, the latest generation of ELAC Subwoofer electronics from the bold and dynamic Varro Series is pushing the boundaries in subwoofer performance.  


To introduce APP control subwoofers - Calibration from a phone - Control multiple subwoofers simultaneously 


High Gloss lacquered, timeless and elegant.This is what users have always loved about the Sub 2070 and now the technically renewed Sub 2070.2 


Generously dimensioned and extremely robust drive units combined with a 600 W BASH amplifier to deliver astonishing depth, precision, and authority for audiovisual content just as much as for music.


A dual 28-Bit DSP with a 147 MHz master clock frequency is utilized to process audio signals with high accuracy and minimum latency.

Flawless Bass Reproduction

A well balanced low-frequency experience

Whether it is the sub-harmonics of a cinematic explosion, the deep growling of a tiger or the tight yet powerful thump of a bass drum, the Sub 2070.2 will provide a low-frequency performance across all movie and music genres.


Increased efficiency and reduced distortion 

Two 10“ drive units are installed opposite one another in an impulse-compensating configuration that perfectly cancels the mechanical forces inside the sealed cabinet, leaving nothing but perfectly generated airborne sound. No vibrations - just pure sound!

Wireless Ready


The Sub 2070.2 has a wireless receiver built in. Simply add the optional AirX2 Wireless transmitter, connect it to your AV receiver, and you can wirelessly transmit subwoofer signals to the Sub 2070.2.

Subwoofer APP Control

Eliminate the challenges of placement

As the pioneer of APP-controlled subwoofers, all 7 Elac subwoofers include our 3rd generation APP control with auto room correction and easy setup of multiple subwoofers. Advanced APP Control – Doing away with traditional analog controls, our VARRO subwoofers incorporate our advanced digital control system. Simply download the ELAC Sub Control 3.0 app for your Android or iOS phone or tablet and you have complete control of multiple subwoofers from the comfort of your sofa.

Auto EQ


Placement of a subwoofer can be challenging. This is because typically they are placed in corners or hidden next to couches causing reflection, peaks or valleys. The principle of ELAC’s Auto EQ, is to remove the effect of the room by making a near field measurement and comparing it to a far field (listening position) measurement. Processing and detection is real time FFT ~1Hz resolution in the 20Hz .. 200Hz band. We measure both near field and far field, compare the measurements and with 16 internal PEQs we remove/minimize any large variances relative to the near field measurement. This allows a greater degree of freedom for placing the subwoofer where it meets all requirements.

Auto Room EQ

Auto EQ

Finding the perfect location for your subwoofer can be difficult or just not visually appealing. Utilizing our new Sub Control 3.0 app and your smartphone microphone, the subwoofer will optimize room EQ automatically, allowing greater flexibility in placement without sacrificing performance


Digital Signal Processor

A dual 28-Bit DSP with a 147mHz master clock frequency is utilized to process audio signals with high accuracy and minimum latency.


BASH Amplifier

All seven models utilize BASH technology. Simply put, there is no better amplifier for subwoofers. Its tracking voltage means that the amplifiers can be designed with maximum voltage swing, providing all the power that is needed and additional dynamic power without thermal penalty. ELAC subwoofers play louder than the competition for a given power. That is because higher voltage allows higher power as, inevitably, the impedance of a driver increases with frequency. More power + compelling dynamic = better subwoofers!

VARRO Subwoofers


VARRO is a male-given name and is of Latin origin. It means durable and strong. What better name to introduce a line of ELAC subwoofers designed for total performance and ready to excel and compete at all levels.


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